Guacamole with Dreambird CBD


Guacamole with Dreambird CBD
Chef: Sharne
Cooking Time: 20 Minutes(Including Prep Time)
Skill Level: Beginner
CBD Used: Dreambird CBD (Click Here to Visit Dreambird)

1 Chopped Cucumber
Chopped Cilantro
Chopped Onion 1 Cup
Salt to Taste
2 Tbsp of Lime Juice
4-5 Avocados
Dreambird CBD 500 MG Tincture

Add the Sea Salt to a bowl followed by Lime juice.
Add the Cilantro to the mix.
Then add Dreambird CBD - 2 Full pumps equal to 2 ML
Add Chopped onions followed by the Cucumbers
Mix/Smoosh everything together with a Giant Rock!
Finally add the Avocados and 'Fold it in'.

Best served cold with Tortilla Chips!

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